Chili relleno spring (egg) rolls


The immortal Asian spring rolls with a classic Mexican filling -- whole chilies stuffed with cheese. And, yes, it is lacto-vegetarian. These spring rolls were dipped in eggs and dredged in flour prior to frying to seal in the cheese and make sure it doesn't seep out when it melts in the hot oil. So, these are probably more … [Read more...]

How to cook: Fried spring rolls with pork filling


An updated version of an entry originally published in July 26, 2003.When Speedy was first learning how to make spring rolls, he'd simply put some filling across the middle of the wrapper then roll. Then, he'd fry the rolls. And we'd complain that his spring rolls were too oily -- with both ends of the wrappers open, … [Read more...]

Fish and coconut spring rolls

Fish and coconut spring rolls

If I remember correctly, it was in the TV show Bizarre Food where I saw a chef making spring rolls stuffed with fish fillets marinated in coconut milk and spices. I may be wrong about which TV show it was but I distinctly remember that the episode was about Vietnamese food and the host was chatting with the restaurant … [Read more...]

How to wrap spring rolls

How to wrap lumpia (spring rolls)

You might think it's just wrapping and folding but there are a few tricks you might want to learn to make fantastic fried lumpia (spring rolls).First, you need to seal in the filling so that the juices and flavors don't drip into the cooking oil. Second, if the filling consists of raw ingredients (especially raw meat), … [Read more...]

How to make: Vietnamese spring rolls


We never go to a Vietnamese restaurant without ordering spring rolls. Between Pho Hoa and Pho Bac, I prefer the latter's spring rolls. Apart from that though, my vote goes to Pho Hoa all the way. It's always been my dream to make Vietnamese spring rolls at home but it wasn't easy getting hold of rice spring roll wrappers. … [Read more...]

How to cook: Lumpiang ubod (heart of palm spring rolls)


The last time I made lumpiang ubod, my firstborn (now 15) was still a baby and we were living at my in-laws'. I had too many excuses for not making lumpiang ubod all these years -- I had no non-stick pan to make those crepe-like wrappers, it was such a hassle going to the market so early in the morning for the ubod choice … [Read more...]

How to cook: Lumpiang labong (bamboo shoots spring rolls)

Lumpiang labong (bamboo shoots spring rolls)

I would have made lumpiang ubod (heart of palm spring rolls) but that entails going to the market very early in the morning when the ubod is fresh and I can still specify which portion I want. But after cooking the kids' packed school lunch, by the time they have left for school, all I want is to crawl back into bed. The … [Read more...]

Fish lumpia (spring roll) with gata (coconut milk)


Why fried lumpia (spring rolls) has come to be known in the Philippines as lumpiang Shanghai, I have no idea. I do know, however, that ground or minced pork is not the only good filling for fried spring rolls. Vegetables, turkey, canned tuna, tinapang bangus and ripe mangoes, and even bananas are just as great. But have you … [Read more...]