Spinach puree and coconut milk paste


One of my favorite ways of preparing spinach is by adding butter and cream to it. Creamed spinach, I call it. I was planning on making a huge batch the other day when I realized that we had run of of cream. I had already blanched the spinach and I was … [Read more...]

Tofu and spinach with teriyaki sauce


For an omnivore who's eighty percent carnivore and twenty percent herbivore, cooking meatless dishes doesn't really come naturally. It's like re-learning every cooking trick I've come across (and like to think I've perfected) over the years. You just … [Read more...]

Spinach, mushrooms and squash in coconut cream


Dear Kulinarya Cooking Club,My vegetable dish post is late, I know. I don't have an excuse but I do have an explanation. I was so very busy tweaking templates and editing old entries to make my blog compliant with Google's new specialized recipe search … [Read more...]

Tofu and mushrooms with bean sprouts and spinach


I like vegetables but I'm not really a raw vegetable salad person. And I like more than greens in my vegetable dishes. I like colors and textures and an interplay of shapes and sizes. This dish, for me, satisfies all those requirements.Spinach and mung … [Read more...]

How to cook: Pad Thai noodles


Nine out of every ten people I know would define Pad Thai noodles as a spicy noodle dish made with shrimps, mung bean sprouts and ground peanuts. But shrimps, mung bean sprouts and peanuts are not really the ingredients that define the Pad Thai noodle … [Read more...]

Tofu, spinach and bean sprouts stir fry


Still having this passionate love affair with tofu. We've been having tofu dishes at home almost every other day these past few weeks. It really started out as a counter move against the excesses usually associated with the Christmas holidays. But now... … [Read more...]