Masala rice with oyster mushrooms and vegetables


A couple of months ago, a neighbor gave me boxes of masala mixes. I used one, got shocked with the heat, so the second box stayed in the fridge for a while probably waiting for me to muster enough courage to take on the heat challenge again.I felt brave … [Read more...]

How to cook: Sambal kangkong with shrimp paste


Having just recently discovered the myriad of kangkong recipes in various Asian cuisines, my kangkong world has expanded by leaps and bounds. How was I to know that by simply changing the spelling of kangkong into kangkung or by splitting kang kong into … [Read more...]

How to cook: Buldak, Korean “fire chicken”


A fried chicken dish known for its extreme spiciness, you can control the amount of heat by using less chilis (or chili paste or powder). What I do not recommend "less" of is the marinating time. The chicken just won't get the depth of flavor and coloring … [Read more...]