How to make: Cucumber salad with roasted pili nuts

Cucumber salad with roasted pili nuts

All three dishes that I prepared for tonight's dinner were based on Thai recipes. But, for one reason or another, two did not turn out to be authentic Thai dishes. The ingredients for the fish in chili garlic sauce were modified to adapt to what I had in the pantry but it still turned out very well. The original recipe for … [Read more...]

How to make: Kani salad


This recipe has been updated on August 6, 2009 @ 11.54 a.m.Fresh. Green. Bright. Juicy. These are words I associate with the summer. Philippine summers are either famous or notorious depending on how you look at it. We can swear all we want about the heat that can get terribly oppressive, yet, there is a part of us that … [Read more...]

Asian coleslaw


The inspiration is from Videojug. I always thought that ALL THAT OLIVE OIL was necessary to make raw vegetables edible but it seems not. As long as the combination of vegetables is right and the dressing is good, a salad can be a wonderful thing. I modified the Videojug recipe, of course, to suit my preferences. Instead of … [Read more...]

How to make: Ovo-lacto vegetarian salted eggs and vegetables salad


In the Philippines, fried fish is often accompanied by a salad made with fresh tomatoes and itlog na maalat (salted duck eggs). It's not that there's something wrong or lacking with the traditional combination of diced tomatoes and salted duck eggs. In fact, it's really great. The slight sourness of the fresh tomatoes and … [Read more...]