Goto (congee with beef tripe) with coconut milk. Winner!


Lugaw (congee; rice porridge) is ubiquitous in Asia and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Mostly, it's the toppings and accompaniments that vary and give the plain lugaw a unique flavor and look each time. But what if it's the lugaw itself that's given a new twist?On a whim, I added coconut milk to my goto (beef tripe … [Read more...]

Bibimbap-style rice, vegetables and mushrooms


Bibimbap literally translates to "mixed rice." It is an iconic Korean dish that consists of rice topped with sautéed vegetables and chili paste. If it is served in a hot stone bowl topped with raw egg, then, it is called dolsot bibimbap. To eat bibimbap properly, all the ingredients in the bowl are mixed together to blend … [Read more...]

Nori-wrapped sticky rice, shiitake and green beans


Sticky rice seasoned a la sushi, mixed with a simple stir fry and toasted sesame seeds, then wrapped, cone-shaped, with nori sheets. Japanese-inspired, definitely. But there is none of the fish ingredients associated with Japanese rice rolls. This is vegan.To make these rice rolls, Japanese rice is ideal. But if that's … [Read more...]

Vegan kebobs (kabobs) and ovo-vegetarian rice


At the risk of sounding redundant, there's a store at the corner of San Marcelino and Quirino Avenues in Manila where Speedy buys vegetarian "meat" for Sam. The last time Speedy was there, one of the items he bought was vegetarian barbecue. The pack contained thick slices of what looked like ham but was, of course, made of … [Read more...]

Sushi-style rice, eggs and teriyaki eggplants terrine


I have a confession to make. I spend twice as much time and effort on Sam's vegetarian meals than I do with our normal omnivorous meals. In fact, I'm almost obsessing. Why? It's a bit complicated.Sam has lost weight. Probably not surprising. No one can jump from a highly carnivorous diet to vegetarianism without visible … [Read more...]

Masala rice with oyster mushrooms and vegetables


A couple of months ago, a neighbor gave me boxes of masala mixes. I used one, got shocked with the heat, so the second box stayed in the fridge for a while probably waiting for me to muster enough courage to take on the heat challenge again.I felt brave enough yesterday so I opened the box, dumped the contents into a … [Read more...]

Egg, chili and eggplant fried rice


Family members having different food preferences can challenge any cook. There is a food blogger whose husband was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and, suddenly, her blog became about gluten-free cooking. I am not sure if the transformation was total, if from that point, she cooked nothing but gluten-free food for her … [Read more...]

Rice and beans in coconut milk


When Sam asked me to cook "rice and beans", I immediately thought of Mexican cooking. The rice and bean dish is something I always associated with Mexican food. But, apparently, it's much bigger than that. Rice and beans are cooked together all over South America. The Cubans have their arroz moro, there's gallo pinto in … [Read more...]