Tofu Recipes

Crisp tofu fingers with honey-kalamansi sauce


Sam's idea. She requested a tofu dish done lemon chicken-style and I cooked this for her. Instead of the more traditional way of making lemon sauce, with sugar syrup and lemon juice, I made a no-cook version by stirring together honey and kalamansi juice. Our kalamanasi tree is bearing fruit quite prolifically and I'm … [Read more...]

Tofu and string beans adobo


I've always cooked adobong sitaw (string beans) with either coarsely ground or minced pork. When Sam asked me to cook a vegetarian version, I wasn't exactly sure how to execute the dish. Then, I remembered the mock scrambled eggs made with firm tofu and decided I'd use the same technique to create mock minced pork. It … [Read more...]

Tofu steaks with Chinese broccoli in mushroom sauce


A whole cake of firm tofu is sliced into three portions then fried until golden and crisp. A Chinese broccoli stir fry seasoned with vegetarian oyster sauce (made with oyster mushrooms) is prepared separately. The dish is assembled with the tofu smothered with the saucy stir fry. As a final touch, a sprinkle of toasted … [Read more...]

Spicy tofu in coconut cream (Bicol Express-style)


Spicy, subtly hot, rich and creamy.Satisfy the vegetarians and omnivores in your family without breaking your back with the cooking. Prepare a vegetable and spice base, divide into two portions, add tofu to one portion and add pork to the second portion. The two dishes cook at the same time.Does it take acrobatic … [Read more...]

Tofu and black beans stir fry


Tofu has been around for almost 2000 years. The way that the Chinese travelled and migrated to a lot of places even during the olden days, it is likely that they brought the tofu culture with them which should explain why tofu has been an important ingredient in many Asian cuisines for centuries.The West, however, did … [Read more...]

Tofu and spinach with teriyaki sauce


For an omnivore who's eighty percent carnivore and twenty percent herbivore, cooking meatless dishes doesn't really come naturally. It's like re-learning every cooking trick I've come across (and like to think I've perfected) over the years. You just can't treat vegetables like meat. You have to understand the essence of … [Read more...]

Spicy tofu and shiitake mushrooms with miso sauce


Miso paste isn't just good for making miso soup. It's great for making sauces too. I've used miso paste to make a sauce for baked baby back ribs and another to drizzle over grilled eggplants. It's a wonderful versatile ingredient to keep in the fridge.This stir fried dish with tofu and shiitake mushrooms was tossed with a … [Read more...]

Pork-stuffed steamed tofu


Stuffed tofu may be steamed, braised or fried, or fried then steamed with sauce. It is of Chinese origin but this version -- salty, sweet and very aromatic -- is more Vietnamese than Chinese.Speedy cooked this dish. He saw something similar on the Asian Food Channel a few days ago and he just went out and bought the … [Read more...]

How to cook: Braised pork with tofu and mushrooms


There are many ways to cook meat -- fried, grilled, steamed, baked, roasted, boiled, broiled... But if you want really tasty meat without going through the trouble of marinating it for hours and hours, there's that cooking technique called braising. You cook the meat slowly in very little liquid, preferably well seasoned, … [Read more...]