How to cook: Gamja bokum (Korean stir fried potatoes)


For those who feel that fried chicken and potatoes are an inseparable pair, know that in Asian cooking, chicken and potatoes, just as tasty and just as succulent, can be enjoyed without any deep frying involved.This banchan (side dish) of stir fried potatoes and peppers is a wonderful accompaniment for buldak (spicy … [Read more...]

Twistix: potato with a twist


Last Wednesday, Speedy and I were in Manila to see a play. Our daughter, Alex, was the technical director and we were just as excited as she was. After the play ended, we crossed the street to the paid parking lot but we dilly-dallied. We had a dinner date with another couple, it was much too early so we decided to look … [Read more...]

How to cook: Chicken afritada, a colonial legacy

Chicken afritada

After three and a half centuries of Spanish colonization, it is not surprising that we find a lot of Mediterranean style stews in our cuisine. There are claims, however, that what we consider as Spanish-influenced dishes more closely resemble their counterparts in Mexican cuisine. Whether or not that is true is something … [Read more...]

Mashed potato and pesto spring rolls


Last week, I attended the culminating activity of a student leadership program. Cocktails were served three times -- before the program started, during the intermission and after the program ended. There was only one dish that I kept going back for more. Spring rolls with mashed potatoes and pesto served in shot glasses … [Read more...]

How do you like your French fries?


My younger daughter, Alex, is absolutely nuts over French fries. Part of the addiction may have something to do with the fact that she was prohibited from eating French fries -- or anything oily -- for several years after she was diagnosed with a genetic hyperacidic condition. When she finally got over it, she resumed this … [Read more...]