Skewered green mangoes


Green mangoes are not a special variety of mangoes. They are simply unripe -- not to be confused with Alphonso (a.k.a.) Indian mangoes.On the dinner table, they are often chopped or grated, mixed with onions, tomatoes and bagoong (shrimp paste) to make a side dish with also doubles as a dipping sauce. … [Read more...]

Fresh fruit slices: Oh, yes! We have healthy street foods too.


There is a misconception that Filipino food is all about fried and greasy meat, and overly sweet snacks. Not exactly true. City diet is often fried and greasy or overly sweet but the humble folk have more fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet.This is the tropics, we have no winter, we get fresh vegetables and fruits … [Read more...]

Sweet and spicy rice sticks (bihon) with pork and pineapple


I admire the Italians for their ability to turn basic pasta dough into so many shapes and sizes, then combine the noodles with all kinds of meat, seafood, sauces, vegetables and herbs to create endless dishes that taste, smell and look different from one another.I admire the Chinese for the same reasons. … [Read more...]

Turon (banana spring rolls) with bacon and cheese


When does your weekend start? Like most Filipino families, ours used to start on Friday evening when the girls' classes ended and Speedy picked up them up from the condo in the city, and end on Sunday evening when Speedy drove them back to avoid the heavy Monday morning rush hour.But we have a new weekend schedule this … [Read more...]

How to cook: Vietnamese chicken and pineapple stir fry


Four years ago, I found a chicken and pineapple recipe from an American-published Vietnamese cookbook. A couple of weeks ago, in an episode of Luke Nguyen's Vietnam, I watched chef Luke Nguyen cook a very similar dish using thinly sliced pork neck. The difference: Luke Nguyen's recipe uses more herbs and spices … [Read more...]

How to make: Mango-lemon lassi

Mango-lemon lassi

Lassi is essentially a yogurt-based drink that contains spices. Question: if a drink contains yogurt, plus milk, and has no spices whatsoever, is it still a lassi? Giada de Laurentiis thinks and says so. I'm not so sure how correct she is in the strict sense (I don't add spices to my mango lassi either) but her mango-lime … [Read more...]

Turon (banana spring rolls) with toffee and peanut butter sauce


I was on Twitter last night and there was a post by I-forgot-who with a link to a waffle photo that I wanted to eat off my monitor. The waffle was topped with slices of fresh bananas and smothered with maple-peanut butter sauce.When I woke up this morning (okay, more like noon), I told Speedy about the beautiful photo … [Read more...]

How to cook: Pork Hamonado

Pork Hamonado

Several days ago, I brined a piece of pork intending to make ham. Then, one night about four days since I started brining the meat, there was nothing else to cook for dinner so I took out the pork, removed it from the brine and decided I'd make hamonado instead.In the Philippines, "hamonado" refers to a dish cooked … [Read more...]

How to make: Mango lassi

Mango lassi

Lassi is a popular drink in many South Asian countries. It is made with yogurt, milk and spices. The sweet version, often served cold, has fruits added. Mango lassi is the most well known among the many varieties of sweet lassi and it is also very popular in Singapore and Malaysia.It is easy enough to make mango lassi … [Read more...]