How to make: Pearl balls


If you've never seen nor heard of pearl balls, they are meat balls rolled in soaked glutinous rice and steamed until the rice grains puff and create a sticky crust. Pearl balls, like most dim sum food, are sized to be eaten in one go. Lift one up with chopsticks, dip lightly in the spicy, sweet, salty sauce, pop into your … [Read more...]

Shrimps and sesame seed oil in dumpling filling


For as long as I can remember, because of an allergy to crustaceans that began when I was still in grade school, when making dumplings, I've never added chopped shrimps to my pork and vegetable filling. Never mind that every decent cook I knew told me that dumplings just aren't the same without shrimps.Well. Now that I … [Read more...]

How to cook: Taro puffs

How to make taro puffs

If you're as much of a dim sum lover as I am, you must have tried just about every item on the dim sum cart. And you must have tried taro puffs at least once. Me? I rarely have dim sum without taro puffs. If it's not on the cart and has to be ordered a la carte, I order them a la carte. That's how crazy I am am about taro … [Read more...]

How to wrap and fold wontons, Kylie Kwong style

How to wrap and fold wontons

Wonton goes into the broth. Other times, it is deep fried. It should not be confused with shaomai (siu mai, siomai), the pork dumpling with open tops one finds in dim sum carts and usually served for yum cha. We had wonton soup for lunch today but before I post the wonton recipe, let me provide this simple tutorial on how … [Read more...]

How to wrap spring rolls

How to wrap lumpia (spring rolls)

You might think it's just wrapping and folding but there are a few tricks you might want to learn to make fantastic fried lumpia (spring rolls).First, you need to seal in the filling so that the juices and flavors don't drip into the cooking oil. Second, if the filling consists of raw ingredients (especially raw meat), … [Read more...]

How to reheat fried spring rolls


Reheated fried spring rolls? Isn't that awful? Not if you know how to reheat them properly.The most common mistake when reheating fried spring rolls is to use oil. I tell you, there is enough oil in the spring roll wrappers and you don't need more.The second most common mistake is to reheat the spring rolls using … [Read more...]