Corn egg drop soup


There's a storm, you probably wouldn't know that if you're not a resident of the Philippines, classes had been suspended and many parts of Luzon, including Metro Manila, are flooded. We are all stuck at home including Alex's friend, Iya, who was spending the weekend so that she and Alex could wrap up the paper work for … [Read more...]

How to cook: White corn and vegetables soup with squash blossoms


Before 2012 ended, there was a get-together with Speedy's side of the family at my in-laws' house. Over food and drinks, Speedy's youngest brother, Richie, started bantering about when we would host another get-together in our house in the boondocks. We used to have the Veneracion family get-togethers here until my … [Read more...]

How to cook: Japanese-style crab and corn soup


A couple of weekends ago, we ate at a Cantonese cum Singaporean restaurant called Tao Yuan in Manila. It's on the corner of Malvar and Mabini Streets in Malate across Pan Pacific Plaza Hotel. We loved the food, most of the dishes we ordered anyway, and I was supposed to write a review but the photos are all yellow and no … [Read more...]

How to cook: Fish and corn fritters


According to one of the Thai cookbooks I own, a dish called prawn and corn fritters is a popular street food in Thailand. I didn't see anyone selling this dish in Phuket but that didn't stop me from doing my version once I got home. Instead of prawns, however, I used leftover grilled fish belly.Preparation time is 10 … [Read more...]

Tilapia with shredded corn and coconut cream

Tilapia with shredded corn and coconut cream

I know, I know. I wrote in the previous entry that I was going to get creative with the mozzarella balls from Rizal Dairy, that I was going to make a salad or bake cannelloni. I did bake a large dish of cannelloni but I made the mistake of using uncooked filling so the pasta tubes looked sunken after they came out of the … [Read more...]

Guinataang Mais (Corn in Coco Cream)


Can't further improve on something as delicious as guinataang mais.Thick, rich and creamy, this is a traditional Filipino dish made with shredded white corn, glutinous rice and thick coconut cream. All the ingredients are 100% Filipino. Corn, rice and coconut are all traditional crops that grow in abundance all over the … [Read more...]