How to cook: Rice, biryani style


If I had saffron water to drizzle over the rice after cooking, and if I had used cashew nuts instead of peanuts, this would be a more authentic biryani. Well, whatever "authentic" means considering that biryani is found in the cuisines of more than a dozen countries, including the Philippines, and none is exactly the same … [Read more...]

Japanese-style spicy soba noodles with edamame


Got shelled edamame? Here's a fast and easy noodle dish that you can use the beans with. No real cooking involved -- just boiling soba. All the flavors come from a sauce made with grated ginger, grated garlic, light soy sauce, lemon juice and honey.There are several varieties of soba available in the market including … [Read more...]

Sweet and spicy rice sticks (bihon) with pork and pineapple


I admire the Italians for their ability to turn basic pasta dough into so many shapes and sizes, then combine the noodles with all kinds of meat, seafood, sauces, vegetables and herbs to create endless dishes that taste, smell and look different from one another.I admire the Chinese for the same reasons. … [Read more...]

Tuna and tofu spring rolls


There is so much that needs to be said about these tuna and tofu spring rolls recipe. First, it is possible to generously feed four people using a 180-gram can of tuna. Second, tofu is a great extender. Third, San Marino tuna fillet in water is not so very tasty. I used a can of tuna, go see the previous post, added chopped … [Read more...]

How to cook: Lemongrass and chili stuffed tofu


And so we take a break from the sweets and the meats and all those rich dishes that seem to be the benchmark of the holiday season. The girls are back in the condo, and Speedy and I thought we'd live on scraps and leftovers for the next couple of days.Well, we tried for about half a day. By nightfall, Speedy was in the … [Read more...]

How to cook: Crisp tofu in tomato chili sauce


When Speedy tried to cook a Luke Nguyen tofu dish several weeks ago, he tried to fry silken tofu since that was what the recipe called for. But he got the same result that I did every time I tried to fry silken tofu -- a terrible mess. So, he substituted firm tofu and came up with a delicious meatless dish. Salty, sweet and … [Read more...]

Banana and chunky peanut butter spring rolls


I don't eat peanut butter and banana sandwich but I can eat banana slices smothered with smooth peanut butter as a dessert. I can also dip my crispy turon (banana spring rolls) in toffee and peanut butter sauce. But that's as far as I'd go with the banana and peanut butter combo. Even though I was an Elvis Presley fan (I … [Read more...]

How to cook: Pork ribs and rice noodle soup


What makes Vietnamese food special? Is it, as Vietnamese cooks claim, the perfect balance of flavors? Is it the use of copious amounts of fresh herbs? Is it the bright and fresh appearance of the cooked dishes?For Vietnamese food lovers, I'm sure we all have different reasons for being smitten. For me, it is a blend of … [Read more...]

Sweet and sour tofu with bean sprouts and fresh herbs


Tofu -- that wonderful high-protein, low-calorie and almost fat-free soybean curd that absorbs flavors and seasonings like a sponge. In this recipe, a cake of firm tofu was cubed, flash-fried then tossed with ginger-infused sweet and sour sauce. Blanched been sprouts, basil and mint chiffonade were added and dinner was … [Read more...]