How do you like your congee: with everything on top or on the side?


In Asia where rice is a staple, congee is a dish found in just about every cuisine. But how congee is cooked and served differ from culture to culture and region to region. Some people cook the rice in water until the mixture is almost a paste. Others prefer a thin soup. Even the kind of rice used, whether sticky or not, … [Read more...]

How to cook: Lugaw (congee) with tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork)


Porridge or congee, we Filipinos know it as lugaw -- soft-boiled rice cooked in meat broth. Cook it with chicken and color it a little with kasubha and it is called chicken arroz caldo... Cook it with beef tripe and it is known as goto... Served as plain lugaw, it is best with tokwa’t baboy on the side... In a country where … [Read more...]

How to cook: Goto (beef tripe) congee


Terms can be confusing. When one says "goto" in the Philippines, he can be referring to tripe or to a congee with tripe. I've learned to use the term "goto" interchangeably depending on the occasion and the person I'm talking to. When I go to the market to buy tripe, for instance, I ask for "goto" or "tuwalya" (literally, … [Read more...]

How to cook: Chicken arroz caldo with premature chicken eggs


Premature chicken eggs? Yes, eggs that have yet to form shells which are still inside the hen. They are sold together with gizzards, livers and egg sacs. If you look closely at the photo, the egg sacs are on the foreground, the premature eggs are at the center, the gizzards and livers are in the background. That's a 12-inch … [Read more...]