How to cook: Stir fried beef and chayote


Inspired by a dish that chef Luke Nguyen cooked in his TV show, this stir fried beef and chayote combo is another example of the yin-yang concept that is found across various Asian cuisines. The ingredients are simple, few and inexpensive, the seasonings are minimal, and yet, the aroma and flavors are so complex, one would … [Read more...]

Sayote (chayote)

Light green and pear-shaped with a thick skin and a hard core, chayote, or sayote as it is called in the Philippines, grows on vines. It is known as as vegetable pear or mirliton in some parts of the world. In France, it is known as christophene. According to Gourmet Sleuth, chayote was first domesticated in Mexico. … [Read more...]