How to make: Thai sweet toast with black sesame seeds


Called kanoom-pang-naneuy, these delectable toasted slices of bread are spread with butter icing and sprinkled with black sesame seeds. According to Appon's Thai Food Recipes, they are a popular street food in Thailand. Sadly, I never noticed them when I was in Thailand -- I was too focused on the noodles, the fish, the … [Read more...]

Is it man tao, man tou, manthao or manthou?

The problem with the English version of Chinese names of food is how the spelling follows how the Chinese name sounds. Take, for instance, the sweet bun that is often referred to as man tao, the bread used for making cua pao. Back when I made that cua pao over two years ago, the bread I bought was spelled manthao. … [Read more...]

How to make: Roti John


When Speedy saw Bobby Chin making Roti John in an episode of Cafe Asia, he promised he'd make Roti John at home. And he did.A popular hawker food in Malaysia and Singapore, Roti John is a sandwich and omelet in one. Beef, eggs, chopped shallots and chili paste are stirred together and spread on a split French baguette. … [Read more...]

How to make: Kaya toast, Singapore’s national breakfast dish


I spent my last day in Singapore taking the train from the airport to the Singapore IT Expo (SITEX) and back. There was a "left baggage" service where I dumped my bags for a fee so I could spend the morning hunting for camera lenses at, hopefully, bargain prices.SITEX was one crowded place and the day was terribly … [Read more...]