La Loma, Manila: lechon country La Loma - lechon

Two things are associated with the district of La Loma in the city of Manila. One is the Chinese Cemetery and the other is lechon. La Loma is lechon country.

You think this guy is just ogling, choosing which lechon to buy or contemplating eating them all? La Loma - lechon

Now, this lady seems oblivious to the lechon.

I wish I coud have taken more photos, and better ones too, but these two photos were just taken through the windshield of the car. We were on our way to Chinatown and was just passing through La Loma. Sidney has more photos that include the actual roasting of lechon.


  1. George says

    I think he is just ogling. They do make an atrractive picture and always look just sooo delicious. The only problem when I try to eat them is the fat….it just oozes out and doesn’t agree with my stomach.

  2. jay says

    Masarap talaga ang lechon cebu. Nothing can compare the taste of lechon cebu. Ibang iba talaga ang lasa nya. Masarap at ma crispy ang balat. Ohhh i miss lechon cebu.

  3. kyle says

    It was amazing. It is one of Cebu’s trademarks. The taste is really different from other Lechon in other places. It has an after taste which will make you want more! It’s lechon itself. No add-ons! your the best!

    • says

      Try nyo po Manong’s Tasty Lechon Cebu. We are from Cebu but now we are Manila-based na. We offer authentic Cebu lechon recipe and FREE delivery pa. Call us at 7032133 or 0908-3237727.

    • Mapusok says

      excuse me, la loma is the site of la loma cemetery. north cemetery is elsewhere.

      but i have a question. what do they do with unsold lechon, apart from turning them into lechon paksiw?

      • monchie ferrreros says

        selling unsold lechon as raw material for Paksiw na Lechon, sinigang na lechon, adobong lechon to almost all the restaurant in Metro manila by a sales agent.

  4. says

    I think he is measuring if one lechon is enough… :p Yes, Cebu lechon is unbeatable… especially CnT or Zubuchon…. Thats why I love to live here in Cebu!!!! If ur going too Cebu sometime for vacation, try visiting this blogging site called Vacation Cebu… my friend fond it… He also found a site for food in Cebu, called Yummy Cebu – pay em a visit sometime, will ya!!!

    LECHON LECHON LECHON… Just saying it makes me think of the luscious skin and the tender meat and the aromatic spices and the perfection of Cebu lechon without sauce…

    • Marian says

      Correction: La Loma is not just known as a CHINESE CEMETERY, it is also a cemetery for FILIPINOS. My father is buried there!

  5. George says

    The Chinese Cemetery is simply amazing. I’ve visited there twice and attended a Chinese Funeral there once. It lasted for hours and had such pomp and ceremony like none I’ve ever seen. It was very interesting.

  6. says

    My brother (deceased) used to have a lechon business in Cebu. The flavors are just more aromatic than any other lechon I have tasted. Nothing beats Cebu Lechon. I swear or maybe because I just got used to the taste.

  7. says

    LOL Ludwig. You can indulge once in a while, can’t you?

    Oh, yes, George, the Chinese rituals are really something else. They even have professional mourners.

  8. says

    I’m an American and I’ve done plenty of traveling around the Philipppines, but have always resisted lechon, until a few years ago when I attended the Obando church festival in Bulucan province, and the lechon stands were just opposite and I couldn’t resist. I apologize to my heart but it was a great indulgence I’ll never forget, though I wouldn’t really recommend this diet on a steady diet, if you know what I mean. Still, lechon is something to enjoy a few times a year, but do hold it down to a minimum.

  9. says

    i just wanted to buy a lechon good for 15- 20 person. how much is it cost? do you accept reservation ? is it a free delivery ?
    pls. respond ASAP…Thank you…

  10. says

    How much does lechon cost in La Loma, would you know? Been planning to get for my wedding :) Medyo malayo kasi La Loma from where I live, at least dapat worth it naman kahit papano pagpunta diba? :)

  11. says

    You are right, Carl. Everything in moderation. But congratulations for not resisting any longer. Great experience, eh? :lol:

    Good for you, Ludwig! :grin:

    Gail, best wishes! My very best wishes. But I don’t know the current La Loma prices. We buy lechon from Elar’s for the consistent quality. Contact info here.

    Kyels, that was what I thought too as we passed all those lechon stands. :grin:

  12. says

    Parada ng Lechon in Laloma started on may 1990. Its an idea to showcase their identity. we are maglilitson so to speak. Selling lechon in laloma started in the early 1950 by mang Tomas de los Reyes,he came up with the idea because he reside exactly in front of the laloma cockpit (w/c started operation since 1902) and 3 years after that the brothers fernando and jose ferreros started their own and followed by our other neigbors and the rest is history, now we are known as the Lechon Capital of the Philippines.

  13. says

    i just wanted to buy a lechon good for 15- 20 person. how much is it cost? do you accept reservation ? is it a free delivery ?
    pls. respond ASAP…Thank you

  14. says

    i want to find out how much the price of one whole lechon especially the biik. How about the medium size?
    could you send me the price coz i’m planning to buy on my holiday? T.y.

  15. grace says

    Lechon Cebu is really great. I love the taste of lechon cebu. The crunchy skin and the meat was so tender which absorbs the aromatic taste of various fragrant herbs and spices. The best lechoncebu ever. Visit

  16. grace says

    Masarap dn ang laloma sa Manila. I’ve tasted it na when i visit may cousin there. I tried Lechon Cebu too. Both ay masarap.

  17. fritzi says

    For me lechon cebu is the best. The tasty meat and crunchy skin. Wow its yummmy. Tasty talaga sya kahit wala ng sauce. Napaka tender and juicy pa ng meat. Its very delicious. Lechon cebu taste good talaga.

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