Pork-stuffed steamed tofu


Stuffed tofu may be steamed, braised or fried, or fried then steamed with sauce. It is of Chinese origin but this version -- salty, sweet and very aromatic -- is more Vietnamese than Chinese.Speedy cooked this dish. He saw something similar on the Asian Food Channel a few days ago and he just went out and bought the … [Read more...]

How to cook: Chinese broccoli (kai-lan) with oyster sauce


One of the most popular Chinese dishes, kai-lan (Chinese broccoli) with oyster sauce is surprisingly very simple to make. The key is in the blanching. But even before we go there, it is worth clarifying just what vegetable goes into this dish.Chinese broccoli refers to kai-lan which is related but not the same as … [Read more...]

How to cook: Steamed pork and black mushrooms


If you're a foodie who has seen Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, then, you probably felt the urge to lick your TV screen several times while watching the film especially during the first 15 minutes. Those first 15 minutes show a father preparing Sunday dinner for his family that consists of his three grown daughters and … [Read more...]

How to cook: Braised pork with tofu and mushrooms


There are many ways to cook meat -- fried, grilled, steamed, baked, roasted, boiled, broiled... But if you want really tasty meat without going through the trouble of marinating it for hours and hours, there's that cooking technique called braising. You cook the meat slowly in very little liquid, preferably well seasoned, … [Read more...]

How to make: Pearl balls


If you've never seen nor heard of pearl balls, they are meat balls rolled in soaked glutinous rice and steamed until the rice grains puff and create a sticky crust. Pearl balls, like most dim sum food, are sized to be eaten in one go. Lift one up with chopsticks, dip lightly in the spicy, sweet, salty sauce, pop into your … [Read more...]

How to cook: Chinese salt baked chicken


For Filipinos who are fans of pinaupong manok, well, it looks like the venerable pinaupong manok has a Chinese ancestor. Chinese salt baked chicken is chicken baked in a blanket of salt and spices. The salt is scraped off before serving as it is no longer necessary after the chicken has absorbed all the flavors and aromas … [Read more...]

How to cook: Soy (soya) chicken


A huge favorite in Chinese restaurants all over the world, soy chicken, also known as soya chicken or soy sauce chicken, is chicken cooked in soy sauce. Well, a little more than soy sauce, actually. But it's really easy to make. The only hard part is waiting for it to cool so that the bird can be sliced through the bones … [Read more...]

How to make: Fish balls and noodle soup


The fish balls are homemade. With a food processor. The authentic way to make them is to mince the fish with a cleaver, mix it with binders and vegetables then knead and throw handfuls of the mixture against the inside of a bowl to achieve the perfect texture. While I'm sure that there is a huge amount of satisfaction in … [Read more...]

How to cook: Stir fried beef with celery and ginger


If you use a premium cut of beef (eg., tenderloin, sirloin, top round or bottom round), cooking this stir fried dish should take no more than five minutes. With a preparation time of about ten minutes, dinner would be ready in 15 minutes flat.If, however, you find premium beef cuts to be too pricey, there's a trick for … [Read more...]