Pork in caramel sauce


Most of Asia was colonized by a European power at one time or another and some influences remained long after the colonial powers had gone. Perhaps, among the strongest and more long-lasting of those influences are reflected in Asian cuisines.Take Vietnamese food, for instance. What is it about Vietnamese cooking that … [Read more...]

Potatoes and okra in sambal sauce


Today, I crave vegetables. Perhaps, it is a natural reaction from having too much meat last week when we were in a mad scramble to cook everything in the freezer during the typhoon-induced blackout. So, I cooked this dish of potatoes and okra in sambal sauce.Sambal is a spice paste; there are as many variants as there … [Read more...]

Tea, herbal tea, infusion and tisane


Many Filipinos tend to look at tea as an instant drink largely because the tea we know comes from the West, the kind packaged in convenient tea bags. But did you know that the first tea bag was not made to be dropped into a cup of hot water? Story has it that tea bags were invented by a New York merchant as a way to give … [Read more...]

Why is Filipino adobo called adobo?


"Adobo" is a Spanish word that literally translates to sauce, seasoning or marinade. In Spanish cookery, the basic ingredients for adobo are salt, pepper, oregano, garlic, vinegar and paprika. Before there was refrigeration, the mixture was used to preserve meat and fish. It was also used to pickle vegetables. In short, … [Read more...]

Thai pork larb (Lao pork laab)


Most of the world knows pork larb as a Thai dish but, if we're to be politically correct, it originates from Laos where it is called pork laab. What is this dish? It is sweet-tangy-salty-spicy minced pork with khao koor (ground toasted sticky rice), mint, cilantro and scallions traditionally served wrapped in lettuce … [Read more...]

Miso noodle soup with poached egg


When you have a base as delicious as miso soup, creating a one-bowl meal is easy. Speedy said we should try miso noodle soup with poached egg (something he saw on TV) and I said sure! Who wouldn't agree to make something as simple as that?So, for tonight's dinner, I did as Speedy suggested. I boiled egg noodles, scooped … [Read more...]

Adobo To’


Speedy discovered it -- on TV. He came out of the TV room one time and excitedly told me about this adobo place in Pasig, a carinderia in a garage, with a very interesting menu. The moment he mentioned sisig adobo, he had my complete attention. I was also in a hundred percent agreement that the next time we have to drive … [Read more...]

Beef pares


The post about rice toppings got me thinking a lot about the times I’ve enjoyed steaming bowls of rice and tender boiled beef topped with lots of toasted garlic and chopped onion leaves. Pares, literally "pair", means the combination of rice and beef. In Philippine eateries, the customer may opt to enjoy his beef with … [Read more...]